Plug n Play

mobile sewage treatment plant

The future of waste water treatment

Designed for maximum mobility & flexibility, the power of BioSolv is pre-built in a compact 20ft or 40ft shipping container. This is the next generation smart sewage treatment system capable of instant deployment & demobilization, energy efficient with total waste recovery all within a box.

4x More Energy Efficient

The unique design of BioSolv significantly cuts down Hydraulic Retention Time (HRT) from the conventional 24 hours to just merely 6 hours, while still delivering better discharge quality than other less energy efficient systems. Our proprietary aeration system is the centerpiece to achieving a remarkable leap in performance per watt.

Extremely Compact

Thanks to the powerful BioSolv technology, we are able to reduce the overall tank volume by close to 40%. We then pushed the engineering limit to pack the entire system into a box only the size of a shipping container. The result is an incredible 65% reduction in footprint. Smaller footprint means more development space for you.

Just move it. Move it.

Unlike conventional sewage treatment system, Plug n Play is built for full mobility so the system can be repeatedly used at different locations. Such flexibility allows deployment for temporary and emergency applications that are previously not possible with a conventional system.

Why buy when you can just lease?

Our clients can now choose to lease instead of buy when all they need is a temporary solution. With this revolutionary solution, our clients have greater cashflow flexibility without the need of outright purchase of a permanent system.

Modular meets Expandability.
Hello Flexibility

Each Plug n Play container is self sufficient to be used as a stand-alone system. As usage increases over time with increased development, additional container can be easily added in parallel (side by side) without the need to construct a new system to cater for the expansion.

tomher plug n play stp

200PE Plug n Play at a construction site near Kota Kinabalu International Airport. The system is on a 3 year lease
to a construction company as the temporary sewage treatment system during the construction period.

All mechanical and electrical components needed to power the Plug n Play are pre-built within the front section of the container, with proper heat and noise insulation built in as well. The only installation needed at site is to connect the main power supply and the system is up and running.

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