The next generation sewage treatment system designed to revolutionize conventional technology. Instead of making it more complex, we meticulously simplify its design to suit the local skill level. It is smaller, exponentially more efficient, and consumes less energy.

Effluent Standard A

BioSolv is not built for Standard A, it is built to be better than Standard A. It is why we have been continously chosen as the preferred wastewater solution provider for the most environmentally sensitive developments. Our engineers have a name for it, Standard A+.

Massive Treatment Time Reduction From 24hrs to 6hrs

Conventional sewage treatment system requires 18-24 hours of hydraulic retention time (HRT), which is how long the system needs to fully treat the incoming sewage before it can be discharged. Thanks to its next generation proprietary aeration technology, BioSolv needs only 6 hours! That's a massive 75% reduction in treatment time.

Our engineers study in great depth how micro aeration (bubble size of 1mm-3mm diameter) exponentially increases and optimizes dissolved oxygen level without wasting energy. Purely biological and no chemical added.

Super Fine Bubbles Aeration

Rapid Oxygen Diffusion For Conducive Bacterial Growth

High Efficiency At Only A Fraction Of Power

Proprietary Micro-Nutrient Technology

Super Fine Bubbles Aeration

Rapid Oxygen Diffusion For Conducive Bacterial Growth

High Efficiency At Only A Fraction Of Power

Proprietary Micro-Nutrient Technology

40% Space Reduction

Thanks to the powerful BioSolv technology, we are able to reduce the overall tank volume by close to 30%-40%. Such reduction is possible largely due to the massive treatment time reduction from 24hrs to merely 6hrs. The result is an incredible savings in space. Smaller footprint means more development space for you.

Simplicity At Its Best.
No R.A.S

One of the biggest design flaws in a conventional system is the use of Returned Activated Sludge (RAS) for re-populating the bacteria count in the aeration tanks. However, this design often resulted in excess activated sludge that causes problems with sludge settling. At times excessive numbers of filamentous microorganisms interfere with floc settling and the sludge becomes bulky. This bulking sludge settles poorly and leaves behind a turbid effluent. RAS control requires highly knowledgeable and experienced operator to manage, which is acutely in shortage especially in developing countries.

Without Returned Activated Sludge, BioSolv is substantially simpler to operate and more importantly, does not inherit the complicated risk of sludge bulking. This makes operation incredibly straightforward, which is exactly suited for entry level operator without vast amount of experience and know how.

Sludge Bulking Due To RAS In Conventional Systems To avoid this design pitfall in conventional systems, BioSolv is uniquely designed with no recycling of activated sludge. Our proprietary Micro-Nutrient & Advanced Biofilm Technology allows efficient microbes population to thrive, thus eliminating activated sludge seeding.

Time Proven. Again & Again

Since 2010, we have installed and commissioned various systems in some of the most renowned landmarks in Malaysia from UNESCO World Heritage Sites, National Geographic Unique Lodges, World's Top Diving Spots and many more. These sites are so environmentally sensitive that only time proven system were chosen to manage the waste discharge, which we are proud to be part of.

The unique design of BioSolv significantly cuts down Hydraulic Retention Time (HRT) from the conventional 24 hours to just merely 6 hours, while still delivering better discharge quality than other less energy efficient systems. Our proprietary aeration system is the centerpiece to achieving a remarkable leap in performance per watt.

4x More Energy Efficient

The unique Biosolv is designed for maximum waste recovery both solids and liquid. Some of our clients are able to achieve 100% waste recovery, thus eliminating any waste discharge while generating long term savings in water and fertilizer usage.

Total Waste Recovery

Effluent discharge for Hydroponics. We designed system for our client on remote islands facing fresh water shortage to capture 100% of sewage effluent discharge for growing vegetation and watering landscape after a post polishing process.

How we reuse the solid waste. Accumulated sludge in the system will be automatically pumped into drying beds on a regular time basis. This treated organic sludge is high in nitrates and phosphates which makes it the perfect natural fertilizers. Unlike chemical fertilizers, organic sludge is both healthy and safe for landscaping, and best of all, its free!

and one more thing....

We believe that our products are only as good as our after sales service. That is why we intentionally designed our customer service to enhance your experience whenever you need help.

“Building a good customer experience does not happen by accident.
It happens by design.”

Clare Muscutt

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